I weaned my baby

Well, she’s not technically a baby anymore. She’s a little lady at 2 1/2 years old. It has been 4 days. She is still asking to nurse at her normal intervals during the day, though now when I say it’s broken, it doesn’t work, it is the truth since my milk apparently dried up instantly LOL. I still feel badly about not giving her something that makes her SO happy. I mean, she would giggle and smile and be so happy while nursing.

Now, though, she has taken to clinging to me excessively when she is sleepy. I can’t feel like I am sitting up in the morning without her forcing her way out of sleep long enough to tell me to hug her, take, her don’t leave her, and then she falls back to sleep in my arms.


You’ve got a friend in me

You know, it’s hard enough to find friends in this world without all the problems that the world already creates for us. It’s so important to make special bonds in our lives. One of the best ways I have found is through music. Music is such a universal language. You can be a musician’s friend who doesn’t even speak your language, but when you get to playing that sweet soulful melody, there’s no denying your kindred spirits. They say music even soothes the savage beast. Just the power of music alone can break barriers and tear down walls. No wonder it’s such a controversial subject today.

We went on vacation

Update on that.. We did actually end up going on vacation. My mom had a great time celebrating her big ___0 birthday with us there. The wedding, which I still have slackingly not put up pictures from, was gorgeous. We had an awesome time. Me and hubby even got to go out every night after the kids were asleep to just hang out around the square and enjoy each other’s company. It was absolutely lovely.

Now we are back to reality and life goes on. Things are going… and hopefully I can expound more on that soon.

rethinking our vacation

Don’t want to go anymore. It would eat up the itty bitty cushion we have so we don’t drown. I don’t know what else to do or say about it, though. I hate having that few sighs of relief time to come back and worry. I mean, everyone needs a vacation, but it’s just too hard for me to be able to relax about it since I am counting the cost.

Retail therapy

I really need to do some shopping…small shopping, though. We are saving all the money we have to be able to go on vacation again this year. So, I guess I will have to wait to getsome Pandora earrings. It’s okay, though. A vacation with my family is so much more important for long term happiness than a short term mend with jewelry.

Pictures to come

I know I just posted about our trip and the beautiful hotel, the great walk through the zoo and such. You are probably wondering where in the world are all the pictures that verify these facts, right? Well there are a few in my camera, but being as I am sort of pinned under a sleeping toddler, I dare not stir much in hopes that I can keep her asleep. Mind you, they aren’t the most professional shots. I am not going to be all like Azul Photography, but they are decent. I do try to capture views that are interesting and from a photographic perspective artistic in nature. They are coming, probably tomorrow, if I can get them up while the toddler is busy doing something she likes.

Much needed break

My family and I took a much needed break and trekked down nearly 5 hours to Maryland to visit with some of our dearest friends. They were having a big birthday party for the son, so we decided to make a trip out of it. We stopped at the in-law’s house halfway through to spend the night there and visit with them. Early the next morning, we headed down to our hotel near the venue. It was a gorgeous hotel and thankfully we only paid about 20% of the sale price for a normal weekend night.

We had planned to go see the monuments the next morning, but that didn’t quite work out. We did, however, get to the zoo and take a small part of the trail through as far as the sea-lions and Amazonia exhibits. It was a whole lot of walking, that really told me just how out of shape I have gotten. I still feel as though I was walking in heels for 3 hours, my feet are so cramped. Next time we need to take segues or a trolley of some sort instead of just walking. *If that was allowed, anyway*. We rented a stroller for the baby. Somehow, we forgot our in the house. She had a grand time looking at the animals, trying to touch the fish and frogs, finding the monkeys in the trees, and seeing birds she had never seen before.

After the zoo, we went to the party. The baby was not happy the last 20 minutes of that deal…too much noise and not enough activity for her. Thankfully, we all got in a good time before it was time for us to try and head back to where we originated the trip. We had to pull over twice in order to make it back without us all falling asleep. My husband really sacrificed to be able to make the trip, being as he is still in the same amount of pain he has been for the last 2 years due to that accident back in August of 2011, as well as the tiredness that has accrued from lack of sleep from said pain, the baby not always being cooperative, and working his job. I truly do appreciate the effort he makes to allow us to have as normal a life as possible with all his physical limitations. God gives him strength in the moment, even though he is now so exhausted he couldn’t keep his eyes open for longer than the Super Bowl…and barely that. With everything going on *which I am not privy to discuss* with our lives, we really DID need that break from everything to just bond and reconnect as a family without any real outside distractions.