Moleskine Hacking

I got myself a Star Wars Moleskine planner… I had to. My life has to have some semblance of order or I am going to go berserk. So I am currently in the process of hacking the thing to make it more suitable for ME.

I added the last 2 months of this year with weekly and Monthly overview calenders. I also added the monthly view for the next entire year. I made cute tabs for the sections with bits of masking tape which I then colored every other one to make them match the color scheme of the cover. I wrote the first letter of each month on the pages next to the tabs. I also decided to make the simplest pen holder I could configure without sewing. I took a piece of that iron on no sew hemming tape and a stray piece of black elastic, wrapped it around the book to measure where to put the sticky stuff, then ironed the pieces together which took all of 5 seconds.

Overall I think I am finished, but we shall see.

Rebuilding the studio

So much to relearn, so much to do. We won’t be building for a while, but we are always compiling info and learning more so we can build the best for our buck when we are able. Things are getting easier and more complicated at the same time, looking at the Avid HDX, and similar items will definitely help! I miss making music, honestly. It has been a while. I need to get my chops back in shape.

She slept through the night

My body is sort of in shock right now. It has been 3 and a half years since I had a full nights sleep uninterrupted and restful. Lo and behold. my two and a half year old decided to sleep through the night last night! I don’t want to get too excited, but this is so awesome! I feel like a different person after getting about 7 straight hours of REST, not just sleep.

I weaned my baby

Well, she’s not technically a baby anymore. She’s a little lady at 2 1/2 years old. It has been 4 days. She is still asking to nurse at her normal intervals during the day, though now when I say it’s broken, it doesn’t work, it is the truth since my milk apparently dried up instantly LOL. I still feel badly about not giving her something that makes her SO happy. I mean, she would giggle and smile and be so happy while nursing.

Now, though, she has taken to clinging to me excessively when she is sleepy. I can’t feel like I am sitting up in the morning without her forcing her way out of sleep long enough to tell me to hug her, take, her don’t leave her, and then she falls back to sleep in my arms.


You’ve got a friend in me

You know, it’s hard enough to find friends in this world without all the problems that the world already creates for us. It’s so important to make special bonds in our lives. One of the best ways I have found is through music. Music is such a universal language. You can be a musician’s friend who doesn’t even speak your language, but when you get to playing that sweet soulful melody, there’s no denying your kindred spirits. They say music even soothes the savage beast. Just the power of music alone can break barriers and tear down walls. No wonder it’s such a controversial subject today.

We went on vacation

Update on that.. We did actually end up going on vacation. My mom had a great time celebrating her big ___0 birthday with us there. The wedding, which I still have slackingly not put up pictures from, was gorgeous. We had an awesome time. Me and hubby even got to go out every night after the kids were asleep to just hang out around the square and enjoy each other’s company. It was absolutely lovely.

Now we are back to reality and life goes on. Things are going… and hopefully I can expound more on that soon.

rethinking our vacation

Don’t want to go anymore. It would eat up the itty bitty cushion we have so we don’t drown. I don’t know what else to do or say about it, though. I hate having that few sighs of relief time to come back and worry. I mean, everyone needs a vacation, but it’s just too hard for me to be able to relax about it since I am counting the cost.