In Virginia

So we moved to Virginia this past weekend. What a difference the life out here makes already. Sleeping peacefully, waking refreshed, kids want to play outside all day long, everyone is relaxed. God is great.

Why I should have banned the movie Frozen from my home

At first glance, it looks like a sarcastic and fun little whimsical movie. The extremely large eyes, personified animals, and catchy tunes lend themselves to a very likable set of characters.

Then, reality sets in “like a cold and icy blast”.

This movie is NOT just about cute characters and the power of the loving bond between sisters. There are some great lessons in the movie, as well.

Just a few:

Falling in love with the idea of a person as opposed to getting to know them and falling in love with them is not a good idea.

No potential mate should come between the love that siblings have for each other. If he/she does, he/she isn’t the one.

Blood is thicker than water.

True friends will stick around even in the worst situations.

There are some darker notes to the movie, as well, which leads me to the reasons I should have probably not allowed it in my house. The main problem I have is with the great and wonderful famous new women’s lib anthem: Let it Go.

I didn’t really think too much about it at first. I mean, sure, this poor lonely child was probably dealing with some sort of mental health issue after being stuck in solitude due to something she couldn’t figure out how to control. I get it. I am not knocking that at all. She had some things to work out, some places to fill in her life that were once void of confidence and freedom. I am all about her forgiving and forgetting and moving on with her life.

I am, however, nonplussed when I see my sweet and dear little 2 year old having a moment when I would rather she use her words. Instead, she takes a page from Frozen, closes her eyes, balls up her fists, and starts saying “don’t feel! don’t feel!”. I don’t want my little girl growing up thinking that she doesn’t have to be a “good girl”, that she needs to “conceal” and not “feel” her feelings. Being that she is 2, I have to now come up with ways to teach her otherwise that are based on her level of understanding. This is not an easy task in the least. She loves Frozen. She runs around my house reciting all the bits and pieces and parts of it at random intervals. Meanwhile, I am just trying to make sure that she grows up empowered, happy, well balanced, and not under the influence of some faulty thinking about how she has to behave to get along in society. It’s all about balance and truth.

And finally, I am tired of the song continuously popping up in my own head when I am not intending to think about it in the least. Ha. Just one of the many joys of parenting. *walks away, humming the theme song to Doc McStuffins*

Doctor says I need an ECHO done

OK so I hate going to doctors, for fear they will find something wrong with me. I had determined that I need to get a full panel of things done in the beginning of the year so I can start out right, have an idea of what I need to do to get into the shape I want, and whatever….

ENT says I am fine save some swelling in my nose, so I go on lavender steam showers, Flonase, 50 oz of infused water or seltzer a day, and saline spray up the nose to take care of that. I have to give it at least 3 weeks before I say whether or not it worked.

Ob/GYN says all is well in the land of womanhood. Thank God. I don’t have to go in for a mammogram till I am 40 if I don’t want to, even then I can do a baseline next year. I am also cleared to not return for an *annual* for another FIVE years. Awesome.

Then we get to the current PCP….and they give me an EKG only to tell me that everything else in my life looks wonderful, but the electric voltage my heart gives out during resting periods. So, since those peaks were low, I have to go for an echo-cardiogram in another week. I also don’t get my blood panel back for 2 weeks. I get to sit on my hands and pray fervently that there is nothing wrong with me for that long. God help me.

I still have to go get my eyes checked in another week as well. I am praying that they don’t find anything in my eyes.

Prescribed to take a 20 min shower with lavender oil

HA! How do you like that? I have to either take a shower or sit in the steam of the shower for 15 to 20 mins every night and breathe in lavender oil. Why? Well, to fix my sinuses! The nose doc put me on sinus boot camp. It includes me drinking 50 oz of infused waters every day, cold steam humidifier overnight, flonase at night, and the shower of course.

Indirectly, this is also helping me to get into shape and detox my body. The infused waters promote health with the different combinations. Right now, I am drinking lemon and mint water. I have been slowly amping up my short exercise routines. I just got some chia seeds to sprinkle on everything. Next, we might join Weight Watchers. I don’t get enough calories every day so my body holds on to everything that I do eat. I am also nearly 35 and have just got done nursing my last child… so my body has changed drastically. Lots of things have to change.

Moleskine Hacking

I got myself a Star Wars Moleskine planner… I had to. My life has to have some semblance of order or I am going to go berserk. So I am currently in the process of hacking the thing to make it more suitable for ME.

I added the last 2 months of this year with weekly and Monthly overview calenders. I also added the monthly view for the next entire year. I made cute tabs for the sections with bits of masking tape which I then colored every other one to make them match the color scheme of the cover. I wrote the first letter of each month on the pages next to the tabs. I also decided to make the simplest pen holder I could configure without sewing. I took a piece of that iron on no sew hemming tape and a stray piece of black elastic, wrapped it around the book to measure where to put the sticky stuff, then ironed the pieces together which took all of 5 seconds.

Overall I think I am finished, but we shall see.

Rebuilding the studio

So much to relearn, so much to do. We won’t be building for a while, but we are always compiling info and learning more so we can build the best for our buck when we are able. Things are getting easier and more complicated at the same time, looking at the Avid HDX, and similar items will definitely help! I miss making music, honestly. It has been a while. I need to get my chops back in shape.

She slept through the night

My body is sort of in shock right now. It has been 3 and a half years since I had a full nights sleep uninterrupted and restful. Lo and behold. my two and a half year old decided to sleep through the night last night! I don’t want to get too excited, but this is so awesome! I feel like a different person after getting about 7 straight hours of REST, not just sleep.

I weaned my baby

Well, she’s not technically a baby anymore. She’s a little lady at 2 1/2 years old. It has been 4 days. She is still asking to nurse at her normal intervals during the day, though now when I say it’s broken, it doesn’t work, it is the truth since my milk apparently dried up instantly LOL. I still feel badly about not giving her something that makes her SO happy. I mean, she would giggle and smile and be so happy while nursing.

Now, though, she has taken to clinging to me excessively when she is sleepy. I can’t feel like I am sitting up in the morning without her forcing her way out of sleep long enough to tell me to hug her, take, her don’t leave her, and then she falls back to sleep in my arms.