Bloggers Unite: Stop Jena 6 racist injustice

If you recall, I did a podcast on the outrage of the [tag]Jena 6[/tag]. These are the six children who have been condemned for defending themselves against physical attacks spawned by hatred. The first boy will be sentenced on the 20th of this month. With only ten days to the rally, you can still make a difference, you can still change the future for these boys. Sign the petition, read about their plight…blog about it. Tell your family, friends, people you don’t even know, people you don’t like…everyone. Something must be done to change this situation for these boys.

Last fall in Jena, Louisiana, the day after two Black high school students sat beneath the “white tree” on their campus, nooses were hung from the tree. When the superintendent dismissed the nooses as a “prank,” more Black students sat under the tree in protest. The District Attorney then came to the school accompanied by the town’s police and demanded that the students end their protest, telling them, “I can be your best friend or your worst enemy… I can take away your lives with a stroke of my pen.”1

A series of white-on-black incidents of violence followed, and the DA did nothing. But when a white student was beaten up in a schoolyard fight, the DA responded by charging six black students with attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Imagine it was your child, beaten and bloodied because of the color of their skin. Imagine it was your child, threatened and thrown into jail due to someone else’s disdain. Picture yourself in their shoes, in their parents’ shoes. Can you guess how you would feel as a sibling to one of these boys? A friend? A relative? A classmate who didn’t foster the same racist hate?

If you can, go down to Jena and take part in the protests against their inevitable fate. Al Sharpton is spear heading the march against the treatment of these boys. Go to Color of Read about their plight. Sign the petition on their site and Petition ONline. Blog this. Digg it. Stumble it. Post it to all the social networks you know. All it takes is few minutes to save lives.

If you do blog this, leave me a comment with the link to your post. Please include a link to, a link to my friend Marisa‘s blog entry, and one to this blog entry. I will be putting your link in a post or page on this blog on the 20th of September. Our goal is to get as many bloggers as we can to join in this effort to save lives.

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  3. Time Out says:

    […] Bloggers Unite: Stop Jena 6 racist injustice […]

  4. Amy says:

    I’m supporting the cause. This is such a damn shame.

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  8. Jazrok64 says:

    The good news is they are starting to let up on those young brothers. The state appeals court has tossed the case out on Mychal Bell. He should not have been tried as an adult. IMO if it had not been for Blacks rising up and heading down there who knows what kind of sentence Mychal would have received. Now let’s see what the juvenile court will say.

    Very Happy

  9. Jenny says:

    I haven’t heard about this case. Then again I don’t watch the news anymore. I’m tired of hearing about all the shootings that go on in the city. No one has anything else to talk about.

  10. skeet says:

    Mahalo for motivating us to blog about this Suni, and for pulling the carnival together. I’m looking forward to future editions.

  11. Michelle says:

    How does beating a young man equal hanging 3 nooses? Oh, that’s right, they aren’t equal. That is why the young men are being charged with battery and attempted murder, because that is exactly what they did.

  12. John says:

    i used to be involved in the Civil rights movement in the 60’s and i can’t believe what im reading, it’s saddens me. I can’t believe so many people are defending these racists thugs, the Jena 6, i’m sorry but when 6 people attack 1 person, how can you blame the person being attacked.

    The Jena 6 are coward’s, anyone trying to protect them harm’s any progress in the last 40 years.
    let’s be clear this was a racist attack , it doesnt ,matter if your black or white.

    Quote “Imagine it was your child, beaten and bloodied because of the color of their skin. Imagine it was your child, threatened and thrown into jail due to someone else’s disdain. “, yes this child was beaten because he was white, im black and i will no way defend these cowards.

    Civil right’s isn’t about black people , it’s about the civil right’s of anyone, black,white, yellow , green, again i just feel shame on how the community is protecting them.The black community as a whole should speak out against the Jena 6 , what they did was a disgrace and not acceptable.

  13. Sun T. says:

    What about the group of boys that beat up the black student at a party and were only given probation? Was that punishment equal to the crime? They were not charged with attempted murder and battery because they beat up a black student.

    We are calling for equal and fair treatment, not release without repercussion.

  14. Sun T. says:

    The black community as a whole is speaking on behalf of these children, not because they feel they should go completely scot-free, but because they were not treated fairly. There is a big difference. The other group of white boys who beat up a black boy only got probation. Is that fair and equal?

  15. Nathan Turner says:

    I simply don’t understand how this can be called an instance of “racial injustice,” except, perhaps, on the part of the Jena 6 against the young man they beat unconscious, requiring medical treatment. These young “victims of injustice” knocked a 17 year old boy to the ground, all of them kicking and beating him in turn, until he was unconscious, his eye had swollen shut, and his face had been disfigured. He still suffers headaches, and he suffered partial blindness for three weeks after the incident. Tell me, are these the actions of the “poor, oppressed yet well behaved and perfectly civil African Americans?” Or is this instead a racially motivated attack that has captured national attention because of a handful of Black Nationalists who make their living travelling from area to area, stirring up racial sentiments in order to line their pockets and disrupt the legal process for their own political agendas? I don’t feel sorry for the Jena 6 in the least. I wholeheartedly hope that they do serve prison time; and I also fervently wish that these Black Nationalists and other anti-White racists keep their noses out of places they don’t belong, or be imprisoned along with the Jena 6 for disrupting the legal process.

  16. sanjaya says:

    OJ was not convicted so I should be able to beat black people. It is the same logic the Jena 6 use.

    Pah-lease. Afirmitive Action in the justice system.

  17. iris says:

    Re: Please take the time to get the whole story.Did you know: these children felt compelled to ask permission to sit under the only tree in the school courtyard? That 3 nooses were hung from that tree the following day? That incident was viewed as a “Prank” and not a terroristic threat? Or that The next day, black students at a convenience store were threatened by a young white man with a shotgun. They wrestled the gun from him and ran away. While no charges were filed against the white man, the students were arrested for the theft of the gun. Did you know: that a black student was beaten at a party prior to the “Jena 6″ incident? Please take the time !!!!!!
    Is this the kind of justice that all people should expect. Is this 2007? Would you want this done to you?

  18. mack says:

    The politically correct motivated pinheads preach and preach that race does not matter.

    Intergrate, dumb down, and tolerate ghetto culture or wear the badge of racism and humiliation.

    Black Power is justified and honorable.
    White Power is evil racism.

    A black beats a white to near death and thousands of blacks march, demonstrate and protest the attempted murder charge by the district attorney.

    It is obvious to me that if you are black then race does matter. Damn the white kid that nearly got killed but uplift and praise the black that nearly beat him to death.

    The nooses hanging in the tree was in extremely poor taste, but no one attacked the blacks and nearly killed them.

    The double standard here is so obvious.
    Tolerance and multiculturalism are a perverted twisted one way street at the expense of white American culture and heritage.

    “Welcome to the new America where thugs and gang bangers are the new heroes and the white middle class are the villains”

  19. Sun T. says:

    If he was that close to death, I don’t think he would have been able to get out of the hospital in time to attend a school function later on in the night.

    Again, read what happened before that and you will see that groups of white children beat another black child at a party and walked away with NO consequence. Does he not count? No one even knows how badly he was beaten because they tried to sweep it under the rug.

    Who said they were all ghetto? You are making a sweeping generalization. Maybe the boys on trial were ghetto as you say because they behaved as a gang would, but what about all the other innocent black people who have been brutalized since this incident?

    Not to mention, if the authorities had just taken the time to properly reprimand that supposed “joking behavior” calling it what it was A TERRORISTIC THREAT, then this would have likely never occurred.

  20. LaDaniel Shaniqua Johnson says:

    Rise up my beautiful black brothers and sisters. Look on with Pride at our ever flowing sea of strength as we crash upon the shores of oppression.

    These same shores, misslabeled as freedom, which started our peoples journey into slavery. These same shores which stood as a foundation for the auction blocks and gallows of our ancestors. Crash on these shores with the strength of our brothers and sisters in the past. Those who fought Oppression, Slavery and Jim Crow. Now we must fight. Now we wade into these beaches of evil and cleanse the soul of this nation.

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  22. DAN FESTLER MN says:

    I find it interesting that you mention the nooses were painted in school colors and were apparantly intended on “supporting” a football theme of “Hang the Cowboys” – a rival town’s team coming in for a visiting game.
    And apparantly no protests until early September when two black on white racial fights led a black religious-community activist group to claim it was “those nooses”. Which led to a full police and FBI “hate crime” investigation which found there was none.
    Althouse is right. The reporting, like in the Duke case, has been very poor.

    And expanding, it is the media again trying to force a story into it’s patented “racial suffering of blacks and their justified outrage” metanarrative . Again willfully ignoring the facts of the case available to any reporter they dared send with an open mind to interview people. Which none of them did, as with the Duke case.

    The media and black leaders tried to argue its still the 1920s in the Deep South, whites are terrorizing “innocent blacks”, and lynchings haunt the landscape.

    In fact, in most American’s lifetimes, it is not blacks who are the hunted. They are the hunters. In the “Color of Crime”, a statistical study – A white is 12 times more likely to be murdered by a black than the reverse. A black victimized by an armed non-black robber is 38 times less likely than a white, hispanic, or Asian being held up at gunpoint by a black thug. A white woman who is raped now has a 50-50 chance her attacker was black. Black women have a one in 130 chance their rapist will be a non-black.

    But media, the old black leadership, and guilty white liberals prefer instead to pretend that the present reality is one where innocent blacks cower in fear of school lynchings and KKK riding and guns, not the people misusing them, are the problem. Or, desperately feel compelled to prove they are not evil racist whites as they are indoctrinated by seeking in any crime to establish a “moral equivalency” when black thugs are involved. Sure he is a black thug with multiple rapes and assaults and robberies, but he is no worse than the white racist society that forces him to act like that….

    School officials are notorious about not publicizing their criminal stats, student on teacher threats or violence, classroom disruptions – but sociologists and educators in conferences and in papers admit that “agressive young black males” are the most daunting problem they face in “diverse schools”.

    But with the Jena 6, we have the press, black activists, and guilty whites desperately trying to tie the nooses and “life sentences the noose makers should have gotten” to a racial attack 3 months later that judge, jury, FBI, US Attorney, police investigators determined was not in the thoughts of the 6 black athlete attackers at all.

    Another curious bit is a few white Lefties and females in the media who have never been in a fight or know how to fight claiming the stomping was of little consequence because the “attackers were wearing soft white tennis shoes” and “it’s not like the victim was really hurt”. (The victim was told to stay in the hospital overnight, he had a special ceremony he wanted to go to against doctors advice. His family, lacking health insurance, had 12,000 in bills from the neurological care, emergency care, and tests and were concerned about their ability to pay for a hospital bed)

    The facts are that military combat instructors say that the “stomp” has 6-7 times more power than a full punch. In hand to hand training or reality, the killing or disabling blows focus in knocking a person down and delivering the final blow to the head, face, or throat. Preferable with a weapon, if none, then a foot, then an elbow, then a knee, and only if the other methods cant be used – a fist or open hand.

    And those blows make little difference in the power applied if delivered barefoot, with “soft shoes”, or with hobnailed storm trooper boots. A person who is a lawyer commenting on this remembered his city obtained convictions of 5 blacks who stomped another dug dealer to death in part from sneaker marks on the victims head and face and blood tracks the sneaker soles made leading away

    The 6 black athletes had at least 4 members with criminal records for violent crimes. One was convicted of a past arson. One, whose records are sealed, is purportedly convicted of sexual assault on a 12-year old girl when he was younger. But because they were “great athletes” that made for a winning football team, black and white boosters, the local courts, coaches – all tried to ensure they remained in school.

    Remember it wasn’t just about the “lack of justice ” for the “innocent 6″, as black and white activists call them, the investigation as to who burned down half the high school continues…and two of the “Jena 6″ are suspects. And investigations as to who was making death threats at the school and phoning the kid and the “3 noose hangers” with similar threats continue. And threats blacks made to other whites at school that if they showed up, they would die (reportedly invoving 2 of the 6 black athletes that a local minister said were allowed to conduct “a reign of terror” against schoolmates…
    And one of the Jena 6 not in jail is suspect in 2 other violent assaults, and has convictions for 4 other significant crimes as a juvie.

    Finally, the actions of the local DA make a lot more sense if it is true, as implied, that the only way to get a juvie on a violent rampage in the adult system better able to handle him was by overcharging the crime, then dropping charges in his racial attacks down to more sensible charges of aggravated battery, conspiracy to commit battery. The ringleader he wanted, Mychal Bell, was free at the time and school not notified by the juvenile system despite charges of two other violent assaults. And ability to more freely interrogate and prosecute the other 5 thugs in the adult system did offer the potential of ending the racial attacks and arson through intimidation. This was also only one week after one white kid could have been killed in a race-related gang stomping by strong athletes, an incident involving a struggle for a gun betwen a white kid and 2 of the Jena 6, and with half the high school burned and smoking……

    I think once the details are fairly presented, the black leaders and local black activists will look like the bigoted assholes they were in the Lacrosse case. The media will again be exposed for pursuing their agenda and approved liberal narrative, not reporting on the facts. The town will be faulted for both enabling the black thugs to keep playing football as well as nailing them more harshly than whites because they had past extensive criminal history. The arson of the HS will continue to be investigated. Guilty white liberals and academics will again have their vapid “white oppressor” denunciations reposted and ridiculed – as with the Lacrosse case and dozens of others – when facts are better known.

  23. ms. white says:

    yes my name is ms. white and i woiuld like to disagree with you.If you were involved with the cival rights in the 60’s why cant you see that these african american men were harshly punished when they were the one’s with there lives threatend? whether you can see it or not this was a case of racism.If you are an african american you should understand why the black community is stressing this situation.PS. YOU ALL ARE GETTING THE SITUATION MIXED UP. THE BEATING OF THE WHITE MALE HAD NOTHING AND I MEAN NOTHING TO DO WITH THE THREE WHITE MALES HANGING THE NOOSES.THE BEATING WAS NOT AN ACT OF REVENGE HE WAS BEAT UP BECAUSE HE HAD SAID’ SOMETHING RACIST TO THEM ABOUT THE NOOSES BEING HUNG. AFRICANS HAVE BEEN THREW TO MUCH TO LET THAT GO.I SAY HE DISERVED IT.

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