Carnival of Injustice volume 2

Injustice Welcome to the October 5th edition of the [tag]Carnival of Injustice[/tag]. Many posts came in this time, and so many [tag]injustice[/tag]s were spotlighted. Read them and see what you can do to help stop these abhorrent issues from recurring.


Sidhusaaheb presents Of Human Bondage posted at I, Me, Myself. In his own words he says it best “Evidently, exploitation as a policy of management is still being practised in so-called corporate India”.

Phil B. presents The True Reasons for Terrorism, Why Terrorism Fails, and How to Stop Terrorism « Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, “The True Reasons for Terrorism, Why Terrorism Fails, and How to Stop Terrorism”

vjack presents Army Violates Religious Freedom posted at Atheist Revolution, saying, “Even though they may know little else about history, science, or law, most Americans can tell you that religious freedom had something to do with the founding of America. The critical truth that they often fail to realize is that freedom of religion requires freedom from religion. How sad it is then to see the American military violating the religious freedom of our young men and women in uniform.”

Jon Swift presents Burma Schmurma posted at Jon Swift, saying, “I’m just as bored by what’s happening in Burma as most liberal bloggers seem to be.” Take a look and see why he says so.

john fossella presents Leticia’s statement posted at, saying, “Child malnourishment remains a persistent injustice across globe. Leticia Ribeiro and John Fossella have begun to blog on this matter in their service of malnourished children in the Pituacu region of Salvador, Brazil.”

Romeo Vitelli presents In a Flash posted at Providentia, saying, “Being in the wrong place at the wrong time”

Anthony presents George W. Bush’s war must stop! Because there is no military solution for Iraq. posted at The Lives and Times… of Anthony McCune. An interesting, heart wrenching photo collage. Take the time to look through these and understand the meaning behind the photos.

Jerry Novick presents The Power Of Accusation posted at BentSense. This article profiles the strength of words to legally condemn a person.


Ian Welsh
presents Police Culture In the US posted at The Agonist. An objective look at what the police are here as compared to other countries.

Charles H. Green presents Trust, Freedom and Resentment posted at Trust Matters, saying, “A true story of injustice rectified and the personal lesssons we can take away.”

Alex Landis presents The Jena 6: The 10 Reasons The Fit Hit The Shan posted at, saying, “Alex Landis give the 10 reasons that the Jena 6 incidents got out of control.” This is one I had bookmarked before the carnival began.

Marcella Chester presents Another Exonerated Man Found Guilty posted at abyss2hope: A rape survivor’s zigzag journey into the open, saying, “Exonerations of the truly innocent are wonderful events, but there is a danger of confusing “not enough evidence” with “proof of innocence and trustworthiness” and as this recent case shows children can face great danger from the exonerated.”

Stacie Turner presents Avery Doninger, the First Amendment and Some ‘Douchbags’ posted at The Twinkies. The first amendment taken too far? Take a read and see for yourself. Some language is not work safe.

Neil Ransom presents SLC Refugee Relocation posted at Kate and Neil’s Official Website, saying, “Just an interesting thing that happens in the US that very few people know about.”

Marcella Chester presents Overreaction To The Irate And The Clumsy? posted at abyss2hope: A rape survivor’s zigzag journey into the open, saying, “The high school girl who had her wrist broken after not cleaning up the crumbs to the security guard’s standards is a clear example of why the “got to show them who has the power” model is harmful when used against those who are not dangerous criminals or a violent threat to others. Fortunately, there is an alternative approach to conflict resolution that has been demonstrated in Crisis Intervention Teams.”


That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of injustice using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page. We would love to have a carnival all about injustices against children, so please get your posts ready and turn them in for next time. The next carnival will be hosted at King’z Jewel@Mindsay.

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One thought on “Carnival of Injustice volume 2

  1. Anthony says:

    I’d say you have a nice collection of posts here, but it’s sad in a way that it’s so easy to come up with injustices to address.

    I suppose my only disappointment is that my post didn’t get any sort of description or introduction as others did. It could be because mine was a photo essay of sorts?

    Good luck with the growth and further development of your carnivals. I’ll keep you in mind when I pick who I want to post with next time.

    I’ve posted in all the Gonzo Blog Carnivals. You may want to have a look at those, they’ve been good for me.

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