On the hunt for the new laptop

Okay so we are here again, with this dilemma of what sort of reasonably priced laptop to get. I keep watching all these commercials and thinking the game has totally changed on laptops since we were last in the market to buy. Everything is a tablet and a laptop or a tablet and a phone with laptop capabilities. I see a commercial for a Chromebook versus an Ultrabook… My brain goes ” what are ultrabooks?” Then, I have to go on the messed up laptop to find out what the new laptops are doing only to have it spaz out on me in the process. I think the thing KNOWS I’m looking. Hubby said that he will get me one for Christmas so I am looking for the best deal to kind of nudge him in the direction of buying for me. Yes, I’m spoiled… but I also need a high functioning lappy to do the work that we do with the studio and my online endeavors. So I am looking for something in the 400$ range with at least 4g RAM that’s NOT refurbished. Yeah, I can hear you saying “huh, good luck!” already.