Necessity going out of style

So many stores are going out of business now. Most of them are taking up residence online now instead at a physical place. There is still a necessity for stores to exist, though. Places like music stores, women’s clothing shops, and the like need to have a physical presence. The shame of it is, not very many people are prone to get out of their houses to shop, especially if there is a better deal online. I, myself, am guilty of that or of even going to the store, trying something out, then looking it up online to find a better deal. Music stores in particular are the worst for this for me. I love trying the instruments, but many times they sell them for much more than they should be sold. Musical instruments are one of those things that you have to see in person before making the choice to buy. You can’t just say ” hey, that looks like it sounds good” HAHA. Hopefully, these stores will not become obsolete, but find a way to cater to the more internet driven audience.