Trying to eat healthier

We are a family on a very modest budget. We still need to eat healthily, though, regardless of what budget we find ourselves dealing with. The major thing, of course, is cost. We have a Trader Joe’s in the are which is helpful, but the trek there is one that must be planned in advance or else it’s for five or six items and not worth the trouble to get there and back. I am hoping that my newest endeavor will allow us the freedom to have more healthy foods in our diet as well as save us some money in the short and long run of things.

We already do a lot in the way of healthy foods. We are forever reading labels anyway, due to my son’s milk/casein allergy… we watch our cholesterol, we buy whole grain/wheat foods to replace others, we drink soy milk, we water down our juices and try to only buy 100% juice not from concentrate….many things we do cut down on unhealthy things. We shall see where this leads.