School is back in

With school starting all over the US again, it’s no wonder so many people are running around looking for deal son everything…and I mean everything. I went to Trader Joe’s and was literally nearly knocked over by various consumers in a hurry to stock up their little ones with vittles. Being a homeschooling family, that wasn’t my worry. I just wanted to get out alive and unharmed at that point.

Many of my high school youth kids are now transitioning to college, too. They are looking at how they can mitigate the damage to their pockets through programs that let you rent college textbooks and getting roommates for housing. I have watched so many young kids grow into wonderful men and women. I am watching my own child blossom into the same. He is growing by leaps and bounds every day.

Another sign that school is in: me trying to get out of the library before the buses take off from the school next door. TEN buses in a row. I made it, barely…but I gotta tell ya, it was no easy task. Two short buses got out before me. Thankfully, I was a shade before the bigger school’s bell rang.

Ah the wonders of school …